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2-Stage Alloy Extension Handle 0.9- 1.8m With Soap Dispenser
B206S 2-Stage Blue Alloy Extension Handle 0.9 metres extending to 1.8metres with Soap dispenser. Wil..
2-Stage Alloy Extension Handle 1.8m - 3.6m
MA212 2-Stage blue Alloy Extension Handle 1.8metres extending 3.6metres.MAX type Will take diffrent ..
Alloy Extension Handle
Alloy Extension Handle - White powder coated handle extends from 1.6m to 3.00m for tanker brushes an..
Brush Adaptors for MAX handles
Brush Adaptors for MAX handles MAIBA MXA Threaded Fitting for Brushes etc ..
Chimney Brush Kit Deluxe 150mm
The Chimney Sweep Deluxe Set comes with every for a 150mm / 6" Chimney Flue, this includes 3, 1500mm..
Chimney Brush Rods Commercial
Flexible polyethylene sweep rods for use with chimney sweep heads and boiler tube brushes. Availa..
Chimney rod  eco fibreglass as extra rods for eco kit
 1500mm long flexible rods ..
Chimney Sweep Brushes for commercial handles only
Quality wire in a sturdy chimney sweep brush,to fit flexible rods.Click on add to cart for ..
Contractors Mop Head
Industrial strength multi-purpose mop Traditional 100% cotton yarn is highly absorbent Ideal..
Dairy Broom - White Poly
Dairy Broom - White Poly The White Poly Dairy Broom with wooden back, has a stiff hard wearing br..
Drag Brooms
The Drag broom is for mounting on towed frame and other applications. Wooden back with heavy-duty du..
Dual Surface wash brush head
A high quality 255mm/10" Dual Surface Car wash Brush filled in quality green nylex with a curved fac..
Floor squeegee 550mm with wooden handle
The Squeegee Wipe N Dry has  a soft double blade, The squeegee is ideal for pushing large amou..
Floor Squeegee 750mm head
750mm Wipe-n-Dry Floor Squeegee Head Only ..
Hand scrub
This Hand 200mm/8" scrub is available in Blue, Light Blue, Yellow. Red, White polyester and comes wi..